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What is an Immediate Annuity?

There are a few different options for annuities and an immediate annuity is one. This is an insurance policy that guarantees that in exchange for a sum of money the person will make regular scheduled payments.  These payments may be level or increasing periodic payments for a fixed term of years or end of lives.  It is also possible to structure the payments under ...

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Learn About IN-FORCE™ Part 2

BulbrookDrislane, offers the payment rights to these annuities, called IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuities, to buyers like you.  Typically, the IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuity payments are made regardless of whether or not the existing Annuitant or the buyer is alive, meaning these payments are not contingent on any individuals life. The rate of return for each ...

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Learn About IN-FORCE™ Part 1

IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuity is our proprietary name for a transferred structured settlement in which you, the buyer, receive the rights to fixed annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum payment to an individual who is the original existing annuitant. By purchasing an individual right to receive payments , you receive high yield returns while the existing ...

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