Are You Ready for Possibly the Best Investment You Could Have?

Posted on September 3, 2014

Finding new investments can be hard.  There are different choices but which is right for you and your family?  Do you want to invest in real estate? Or the latest trend?  Probably not because there is a high risk in either of those.

Are you looking to provide for your family with additional income and keep the lifestyle you currently enjoy even when you are retired?  That is usually the option of choice when I talk to people.

A lot of people are lacking confidence when it comes to investing. There are plenty of investments out there but how do you know what to choose?

The previously- owned In Force™ annuity market is an investment that pays off a guaranteed amount and has a lower risk and higher returns than other investments.

On the previously- owned In Force™ annuity market, people put up annuities that they have been awarded for various reasons in exchange for a lump sum in payment. For example, someone may have an annuity for $150,000 in total and, in exchange for the convenience of a lump sum that they need at the time, take a payment of $100,000 and give up their right for the regular payments.  This allows them to get the money they need at the time they need it and provides the investor that buys that right with an incredible investment at a discounted rate.

This transaction is governed by State Law. Bulbrook/Drislane can help you in the process of acquiring this investment when you are ready.

If you are investing in an In Force™ annuity, you want to assume ownership of the payments for the annuity as your end result. In exchange for the investment, you get a guaranteed interest rate on the total sum, which makes the annuity profitable for you. Once you assume ownership of the payments, you receive them on the same schedule the other recipient did previously and cannot change this.

You can choose to add these payments to a regular portfolio or to an investment account intended for your retirement. This provides you with a guaranteed source of income for the term of the annuity.

The companies that are behind these annuities come with such high credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s, you can invest in these with a great deal of confidence; far more than most other investments.

You want to do your research when looking for a good investment for your family and if you are interested in an In Force Secondary annuity I definitely suggest you do your research, learn what you can and set up a time to chat and we can answer any questions you have and help you with the decision of whether this is the right fit to meet your family’s goals.

If you are looking for a safer investment that does not put your family’s lifestyle at risk down the road and will provide for your family for years to come this would be a great opportunity for you to fill all that criteria in one shot.

 “Get a list of the hottest deals offering high rates of return with safety and security.”

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