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Are you Complying?

When dealing with secondary market annuities you want to use an intermediary to ensure that compliance is handled in the correct way. Secondary market annuities can/will unravel if applicable federal and state laws governing the underlying structured settlement factoring transactions have not been complied with. This intermediary can research to make sure that there ...

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Interview with John Bulbrook In LIFE & Health ADVISOR Magazine

by Carolyn Ellis Ms. Ellis is Features Editor for LIFE&Health Advisor. Connect with her by e-mail: cellis@lifehealth.com  John Bulbrook is CEO of Bulbrook/Drislane Brokerage, a Wellesley, MA., wholesaler of life and annuity products. We talked with John about secondary market annuities, new to the retail arena for the safe money portion of a client’s ...

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What is a Certified Pre-Owned Annuity™?

Have you heard of a Certified Pre-Owned Annuity™ but are not really sure what it really is? A Certified Pre-Owned Annuity™ is a contract that is issued by an insurance carrier, as part of a structured settlement. This contract guarantees the holder payments from the annuity over a fixed amount of time at a fixed rate of interest. The interest rate is determined ...

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Are Your Conversion Rates Where You Want Them To Be?

I got an interesting question from a producer recently. “Do I have to buy the Done-For-You Insurance Selling System to sell In-Force™ Secondary Market Annuities?” The answer is no, of course you don’t. As an agent you face two compelling challenges: 1.)  Attracting consistent steams of brand new prospects 2.)  Converting those prospects into actual ...

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Looking for a Safe Investment with a High Rate of Return?

If you have been researching investment options and are looking for something relatively safe but that will yield you a high rate of return, you should be considering previously owned annuities. Many people own the rights to annuities, some of which have terms of up to 50 years that guarantee monthly income.  Some of these owners are willing to sell the legal right ...

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Do You Have The Right People in Place as Beneficiaries to Avoid Feuds?

Life Insurance has a purpose…it provides for your family if you die unexpectedly. When you have a permanent life insurance policy, the death benefit goes to the beneficiaries you have designated free of income tax. When you set up your life insurance policy, you will be asked to designate  beneficiaries.  These are the people you want to receive your assets ...

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