Learn About IN-FORCE™ Part 1

Posted on August 23, 2012

IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuity is our proprietary name for a transferred structured settlement in which you, the buyer, receive the rights to fixed annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum payment to an individual who is the original existing annuitant.

By purchasing an individual right to receive payments , you receive high yield returns while the existing annuitant enjoys the benefits of having cash now.

IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuities can provide above average returns for the fixed income portion of a balanced portfolio.  Since they guarantee you a payments stream over a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of return, this investment is generally considered to be a good vehicle for “safe money” savings.  Insurance companies invest the funds primarily in government’s securities and high grade corporate bonds which provide guaranteed interest rates.

Bulbrook/Drislane only offers IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuities from insurance companies with among the highest Standard and Poor’s credit ratings, making  IN-FORCE™ fixed term annuities one of the safest forms of fixed term purchases available today.

Individuals involved in legal claims for personal injury often accept a structured settlement in which they receive regular, fixed payments over several years and/or lump sums at stipulated times from an annuity.  As circumstances change, these individuals called Existing Annuitants, sometimes need to convert a portion of their guaranteed income into cash now to meet personal needs or settle an estate.  They decide to assign their rights to their future annuity payments at a discount to Bulbrook/Drislane.

John M. Bulbrook is founder and CEO of Bulbrook/Drislane Brokerage, a national distributor of financial products headquartered in the Boston area.  For more than 30 years John has helped insurance agents, financial planners and brokers find the right insurance and annuity products to meet the client’s needs.  In the process, he has earned a reputation throughout the industry for his integrity, resourcefulness and hard work, all carried out in good humor.

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