You may have seen the following offer on our deal sheet

Posted on April 8, 2015

In-Force™ Fixed Term Annuity available from an existing policyholder of New York Life at a discount.. The payments start now at $847.00 each month, increasing each year by 3%, so that by the last payment in the 25th year the payments have reached $1828.70 per month for total payments of $394,126. At an interest rate of 5.25%, the purchase price today of all of these payments is only $201,316.

Who this this deal best suited for?  Let me introduce you to Mabel and Chuck.

Mabel and Chuck are 58 years old.  They have been married 25 years and have 2 beautiful children and 2 grandkids.  They love spending time with their family and they want to make sure that when they retire, they will be able to still have the same lifestyle, which isn’t extravagant but rather the same one they have had for years.  They don’t need to travel the world because they have everything they need in their own backyard.

Mabel and Chuck are planning on going into semi-retirement at the age of 60 and then full time retirement by the time they are 65.  That will give them time to transition in and then fully enjoy the time they have and the experiences they can

Mabel and Chuck plan to purchase additional deals as they consider reducing market exposure for their 401k assets by purchasing other In-Force™ Annuities and combining the income from their other assets and Social Security.

Are you looking for something similar to Mabel and Chuck?  Obviously our hottest deals get picked up quickly. So it is likely this particular deal may not be available now. But we often get deals very similar to this. If you have clients similar to Mabel and Chuck, give me a call right now and I’ll see if what we’ve got in inventory in inventory might be appropriate for them. Please call me at 781-254-8550 or Click here to email me.

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